How to Finance your Horizon 2020 Training Course with ERASMUS+ *

  • Apply for Erasmus+ funding for one of our H2020 training’s happening all over Europe.
  • Select your country and your national Erasmus + agency here.
  • Contact your national Erasmus + agency and request under which Key Action (KA) programme you fall under.
  • Your national Erasmus + agency will send you the forms to fill in which we will sign, stamp and send you back.
  • Your expenses for attending, fees and/or travels can be reimbursed before or after the training.


For your application you will need to include the below information:

Receiving institution

Full name: Europa Media Trainings LTD

Country: Hungary

Contact Person: Krisztina Adany Position: Training coordinator

Contact person e-mail: krisztina.adany@europamedia.org

*Please check if your organisation has Eramus + projects that allow you to use the opportunity.


 How can I pay the registration fee?

When registering online you can choose from the following two options:

  •     Bank money transfer* to Europa Media's account. With this option, you can find your electronic pro-forma invoice and all the necessary information required for the transfer (e.g. IBAN and SWIFT number) in the confirmation mail you receive after the registration.
  •     Via debit/credit card by using system PayPal system. In this case, you can pay right away without any delay.

* Due to significant delays in payments a confirmation on the bank money transfer shall be sent to Europa Media either via e-mail (a scanned copy) to your contact person. Please, do not forget to indicate the number of your invoice and the name of the applicant on the bank transfer order.

 When do I receive an original invoice?

To ensure your participation please transfer the training fee according to the attached pro-forma invoice in your registration confirmation email. The pro-forma invoice includes our bank transfer details as well.
Please make sure that the bank transfer clearly provides the following details to faciliate allocation of payment against account:

  • Name of delegates
  • Pro-forma number (EMTPRO/20../….)

Once we received the VAT number of your organisation and your payment, the original electronic invoice will be sent to you and we regard your registration as complete.

 Do I have to pay VAT on the top of the training fee?

The payment of the VAT is according to the following conditions:

  •     For business customers based in the EU and having an EU VAT number and for business costumers/legal entities based outside the EU no VAT will be charged. For these organisations, taxation will take place in their country.
  •     For Hungarian legal entities, the VAT will be charged.
  •     For all individuals (not business customers/legal entities) the VAT will be charged.

 Where can I find information on accommodation?

Accommodation is normally not included in the course price and should be arranged individually by the participants. However, a special rate is always available for our participants at the venue hotel. A booking form is attached to the registration confirmation email. Please book at least 30 days before the beginning of trainings, otherwise the venue hotel is entitled to change the rate or not to accept bookings.   

 When can I get access to the training material for the course? 

Training materials are uploaded to the My Trainings area 3 days before the training starts. My Trainings can be accessed with your email address and the password given in the registration confirmation email.

 Can I receive an invitation letter, as I need a VISA to enter Hungary or the EU and participate in the course?

 After we receive the payment of the training, we can issue a simple invitation letter to a letterhead paper signed and stamped by Europa Media representatives confirming the existence of the event and your participation. Your contact person will send the scanned version of this letter by e-mail and 2 copies of the original invitation letter to your postal address or to the embassy, after receiving your course participation fee. Please note that the invitation letter we issue is not validated to be signed by the Hungarian immigration authorities and that we are not in a position to arrange such document.

 I am interested in cooperating with Europa Media, how is it possible?

Your cooperation ideas and project ideas are more than welcome. Please send a brief summary highlighting our potential role through our website here. One of our colleagues will contact you in a few days.

 I would like to cancel my registration to a training. How is it possible?

For our cancellation policy, please check our Disclaimer.

 How can let the organisers know that I am allergic to a type of food/drink or I am a vegetarian?

In the final confirmation letter, all participants are asked. Please send a reply to let us know if you are allergic to anything or if you are a vegetarian.




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